English Services

Three of the five services at RBC are in English and we invite you to join us in the worship of our Triune God as we adore Him in song and listen to Him from the systematic exposition of His Word. We aim to enable heart-felt worship through a blended worship style. At RBC we provide a variety of styles of worship in order to satisfy the diversity of our country, whilst still retaining our unity in Christ. We have a 9am service which consists of traditional as well as contemporary worship songs for those who prefer a mix of old and new.

For those who prefer a later and more sedate service, our 10:30am service is the place for you, where you can freely worship to old well loved traditional hymns. We also provide a children’s talk in the 10:30 service where the young ones are given their own easily understood message.

At 6pm we have a contemporary community based service focusing on getting to know those within the church on a more personal level. A short break is afforded in the beginning of the service where more intimate discussions and prayers take place. This enables us to connect and encourage one another as a community.