French Service

The French Service is one of the enriching and most unique services that characterizes Rosettenville Baptist Church. Far from being a ‘church within a church’, the French speaking members who attend this service are an integral part of the wider Church family. As part of the wider Church family, our French speaking members have taken it upon themselves to intentionally evangelise and reaching out to other French speakers in the southern suburb. This evangelistic zeal has resulted in great fruit with many coming to Christ and joining the church.

After being established by its first pastor Rev. Isaac Mafuka, the French service grew tremendously under it’s second pastor Rev. Laurent Meya. After ten long years of faithful service at RBC, Rev. Laurent and his wife Gina emigrated to the United States of America in 2013. In June 2013 however Rev. Jean Djicain Monzambe, supported by his wife Niness Monzambe, took over the reigns in the French service. Building on the foundation of his predecessors, Rev. Jean has since brought tremendous positive changes to the structures of the French Service involving twelve different departments: Pastoral, Men, Ladies, Youth, Teen, Evangelization, Intercession, Music & Worship, Family & Couples, Administration, Finance, Social & Ushering, Partnership.

Not only has the French service grown tremendously but it has sought to act against the injustice prevalent in our land. In the early part of 2014, the Executive Committee of RBC decided under the initiative of Rev. Jean to set up the French Refugee Ministry (FRM). The FRM seeks to assist many of the French speaking members, many of whom are Asylum seekers or Refugees, with the necessary legal assistance in maintaining their correct paper. The FRM is just one example of RBC looking to join God in what He is doing in and around our community.